Simplest Alternatives for Sand to Coal Conversion

Sand to Coal Conversion


The construction industry faces a looming challenge as the demand for materials, especially sand, continues to surge, leading to depletion concerns. In response, innovative studies explore the potential of coal bottom ash (CBA) as a sustainable replacement for sand in concrete production. This by-product of coal combustion emerges as a promising alternative, offering both environmental benefits and improved concrete performance.


Q1: What is coal bottom ash (CBA), and how does it address the sand depletion issue? CBA is a by-product of coal combustion in power plants. Its angular, irregular, and porous particles, resembling river sand, make it an attractive substitute. By using CBA, we reduce reliance on sand, combating its depletion.

Q2: What are the objectives of the study on CBA concrete? The study aims to determine the properties of CBA concrete and identify the optimum percentage of CBA as a fine aggregate replacement. Mechanical experiments, including compressive and tensile strength tests, were conducted to evaluate the performance.

Q3: How was the experimental setup conducted? Cubic and cylindrical specimens were created with varying percentages of CBA replacing fine aggregates (0%, 10%, 20%, …, 100%). The concrete samples underwent curing for 7 and 28 days to assess the rate of hydration and moisture.

Q4: What were the key findings of the study? The optimal percentage of CBA as a fine aggregate replacement was found to be 60% for both 7 and 28 days of curing, resulting in impressive compressive strengths of 36.4 MPa and 46.2 MPa, respectively. Additionally, the best tensile strength was observed at 70% CBA.

Conclusion: This groundbreaking study highlights the potential of CBA as a game-changer in concrete production, offering a sustainable solution to the sand scarcity crisis. With enhanced concrete performance and reduced environmental impact, the adoption of coal-based alternatives signifies a crucial step towards a more sustainable future in construction.

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