San Jose Declared Local Emergency: Unhoused Communities Evacuated due to Storm

San Jose Declared Emergency Situation

San Jose Declared Local Emergency in anticipation of a powerful storm set to unleash heavy rain and strong winds. The situation is particularly dire for unhoused communities along the Guadalupe River, prompting urgent evacuation orders. Our team delves into the unfolding emergency, providing updates and insights into the human impact of this critical decision.

Emergency Declaration and Evacuation Orders:

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan, addressing the media, emphasized the gravity of the situation. “Given the update from the National Weather Service, a proclamation of local emergency has been issued. This allows us to evacuate our waterways,” Mayor Mahan stated. The unhoused living along the Guadalupe River are urged to evacuate immediately, ensuring their safety amid the impending storm.

Our team says,

“These evacuation measures aim to protect vulnerable communities, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing lives during this emergency.”

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Shelter Arrangements and Support:

Unhoused residents evacuating from the Guadalupe River vicinity are offered refuge at the Roosevelt Community Center, with additional shelter space being prepared at Camden Community Center. This initiative reflects the city’s commitment to providing support and ensuring the well-being of those affected.

Weather Forecasts and Potential Impacts:

The forecast predicts up to two inches of rain within the next 24 hours, particularly impactful in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This rainfall is expected to feed into the Guadalupe River, posing risks not only to the unhoused but also potentially affecting streets and parked vehicles.

Our team notes,

The storm’s dual threat of heavy rain and strong winds necessitates a cautious approach. The public is strongly advised to stay indoors, and unnecessary travel is discouraged.”

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Community Preparedness and Caution:

The city advises residents, especially those in flood-prone areas, to move vehicles to higher ground to mitigate potential flood damage. Additionally, strong winds are anticipated, heightening the risk of falling trees and power poles.

Our team emphasizes, “In times of emergency, community preparedness plays a crucial role. Staying vigilant and heeding official advice can mitigate risks and safeguard lives.”

As we face this impending storm, our priority is to save lives,” Assistant City Manager Lee Wilcox stressed. The Emergency Operations Center remains active, coordinating closely with partners to ensure a swift and effective response.


What should residents in flood-prone areas do?

Residents in flood-prone areas are strongly advised to move their vehicles to higher ground to prevent potential flood damage

How is the city assisting unhoused residents during the evacuation?

Unhoused residents along the Guadalupe River are offered free rides to shelters, with additional spaces being prepared to accommodate the potential influx


San Jose Declared Local Emergency reflects a proactive approach to safeguarding its residents. Our team will continue to provide timely updates on the evolving situation, emphasizing the community’s resilience and the importance of solidarity in facing this challenging time.

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