RNC has supported Trump in 14th Amendment

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RNC has supported Trump in 14th Amendment

The national Republican Party and the top House GOP campaign committee filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court supporting Donald Trump’s efforts to stay on the 2024 ballot. They argue that a recent Colorado Supreme Court decision to remove Trump from presidential primary ballots was undemocratic.

The brief also claims that such rulings could lead to chaos and erode confidence in electoral processes. The Colorado court cited Trump’s involvement in the Jan.

6 Capitol attack as grounds for disqualification under the 14th Amendment. The GOP also committees assert that this is an attack on the electoral system and emphasize that voters. It not only judges, should decide the president.

The Supreme Court is also expected to take up the case, and Trump remains on the ballots of Colorado and Maine pending the appeal. This legal battle has unified Republicans, including Trump’s primary challengers, ahead of the Iowa nominating contest. The GOP committees express support for Trump in various states facing similar challenges.

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