NFL Achieves Record-Breaking Viewership in 2023 Season


NFL Achieves Record-Breaking Viewership in 2023 Season

The National Football League (NFL) has concluded its 2023 regular season with remarkable success, recording its best average viewership since 2015. The season saw an average of 17.9 million viewers per game, marking a significant seven percent increase from the previous year and tying with 2010 for the second-highest NFL season on record.

Key Highlights:

The NFL experienced gains in all key demographics, with male viewership rising by six percent and female viewership by nine percent. The league recorded its best season since 2019 for adults aged 18 to 34.

Network Performances:

NBC secured the most-watched overall package, averaging 21.4 million viewers, its best since 2015. CBS, the highest-rated network since returning as an NFL media partner in 1998, averaged 19.3 million viewers, with the most-watched window for the Sunday 4.30pm ET broadcasts at 24.6 million. Fox, while seeing a two percent drop in overall viewership, reported a two percent increase for its national window from 2022.

Monday Night Football and Streaming Success:

ESPN achieved its best Monday Night Football viewership since ABC in 2000, averaging 17.4 million viewers, a notable 29 percent increase from the previous season. Amazon’s Thursday Night Football averaged 11.9 million viewers, and NFL Network’s exclusive games saw a five percent increase from 2022.

Historical Context:

The 2023 figures tie with 2010 for the second-best NFL season on record and represent the highest since the all-time record of 18.1 million in 2015. NFL games dominated US TV viewership, comprising 93 of the top 100 most-viewed programs in 2023, up from 82 in 2022. So, NFL Achieves Record-Breaking Viewership in 2023 Season

College Football Playoff Surge:

The College Football Playoff finale between Michigan and Washington on January 8th attracted 25 million viewers, reaching a peak of 28 million. This marked the most-watched title game since January 2020, contributing to a 45 percent year-over-year viewership increase for the 2024 CFP National Championship.

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