Massive Fire Breaks Out at Green Gorilla Waste Facility, Prompting Evacuations in Auckland’s Onehunga”

Auckland's OneHunga Green Gorilla

A huge fire erupted at the Green Gorilla Waste Facility in Onehunga, Auckland, triggering evacuations and emergency measures. Stay updated on the Auckland Onehunga Explosion with insights, reactions, and safety tips from our team.

Unfolding Events:

Witnesses saw large flames and thick smoke, visible from kilometers away. Police acted fast, evacuating people downwind from the fire on Victoria St. FENZ issued an emergency alert, advising residents to close windows and doors.

Emergency Response:

FENZ deployed 22 crews to tackle the blaze, covering an area of 60 by 50 meters. Helicopters joined the effort, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation. Auckland Councillor Josephine Bartley shared updates, noting the fire’s origin from a woodchip pile and its threat to nearby structures.

Community Impact:

The fire’s impact extended beyond Onehunga, with smoke seen over 20 kilometers away. A Green Gorilla employee described how the fire quickly spread, prompting evacuations of all staff and nearby businesses. Social media buzzed with reports of towering flames and disruptions to traffic.

Safety Measures:

St. John Ambulance reported their presence but no treated casualties yet. Auckland Transport closed roads at Neilson St and Victoria St, urging drivers to find alternate routes.

“It’s huge! We can see the flames from Norman’s Hill Road over a kilometer away!”

One observer remarked

The Auckland Onehunga Explosion highlights the importance of swift emergency response and community safety. As authorities work to contain the fire, prioritize safety and follow official guidance.


What caused the fire at Green Gorilla Waste Facility?

The fire reportedly started from a woodchip pile.

How big is the area affected by the fire?

The blaze covers an area of about 60 by 50 meters, threatening nearby buildings.

Are there any reported casualties?

St. John Ambulance has not treated any patients yet, emphasizing the need for evacuations and safety measures.

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Stats & Reports:

  • FENZ deployed 22 crews to fight the fire.
  • Auckland Transport closed roads at Neilson St and Victoria St, affecting traffic and buses.

Stay informed about the Auckland Onehunga Explosion at Green Gorilla Waste Facility. Follow our updates for the latest developments and safety information.

“Stay informed about the Auckland Onehunga Explosion at Green Gorilla Waste Facility. Learn about evacuations, emergency response, and safety measures. Follow the latest updates now.”

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