Bartlett Tourism Project: St Ann and Pinero Group’s Ambitious Vision


Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett tourism project, recently engaged in high-stakes discussions in Madrid, Spain, with the visionary leaders of the Pinero Group, owners of the esteemed Spanish hotel chain, Bahia Principe. This strategic meeting served as a pivotal progress review for their expansive resort development nestled in the heart of St Ann.

The Pinero Group, renowned for its ownership of Jamaica’s largest hotel, the Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica, presented their ambitious development plans to Prime Minister Andrew Holness and other officials at the Office of the Prime Minister last year. This transformative project is poised to become a hallmark in the realms of Caribbean and Latin American resort and real estate ventures.

Minister Bartlett, flanked by Encarna Pinero, CEO of the Pinero Group, and key tourism officials including John Lynch, Chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Delano Seiveright, Senior Advisor and Strategist, and Fiona Fennell, Public Relations and Communications Manager of the Jamaica Tourist Board, delved into the extensive details of the development.

The project envisages a substantial expansion of the existing Bahia Principe product in St. Ann. Among its highlights are new hotels, villas, a PGA certified 18-hole golf course, a state-of-the-art fisherman’s village, farms, modern employee residences, educational facilities, and other amenities. This transformative endeavor is expected to inject vitality into Jamaica’s tourism landscape, creating over 14,000 short-term and long-term jobs and generating significant economic and social benefits at both the national and community levels.

Minister Bartlett expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This is a mega-development that will elevate Jamaica’s tourism offerings, attracting a surge of visitors to the island. The blend of hotel rooms and villas not only signifies a significant economic boost but also reflects the confidence our hotel partners have in our destination.”

Currently leading a small delegation of tourism officials at FITUR 2024 in Madrid, Spain, Minister Bartlett positions this initiative as a game-changer for Jamaica’s tourism. FITUR, with its 8,000 exhibitors and representation from 130 countries, is a vital platform for the global tourism community.


Q1: What is the expected impact of the St Ann, Bartlett tourism project on Jamaica’s economy?
A1: The project anticipates creating over 14,000 jobs, fostering both short-term and long-term economic benefits for the country.

Q2: How does the expansion plan cater to diverse amenities in St Ann?
A2: The expansion covers a range of facilities, including hotels, villas, a PGA certified golf course, a fisherman’s village, farms, employee residences, and educational spaces.

Q3: What role does Minister Edmund Bartlett play in this initiative?
A3: Minister Bartlett is a key figure, leading discussions and expressing optimism about the transformative impact of the project on Bartlett tourism project.

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